Our world is a complex web of stories. At Forest Clay Productions, we strive to point our cameras at the stories that rarely get told.

Whether it is a wildlife conservation story, cutting edge science story, artist profile piece, story of exploration, or a unique nonprofit or corporate vision - we do our best to tell stories using cinematic and emotionally engaging approaches that captivate audiences while effectively educating, informing, and inspiring us all to be more compassionate and aware people.  

Forest Clay Productions is a full service, Emmy-winning, video production company based in Los Angeles, CA with a global reach. We specialize in non-fiction content focusing on wildlife conservation, nature, science, art, and exploration. We produce films independently as well as for nonprofit, broadcast, and corporate entities. 

Our work has premiered and won awards at some of our nation's most respected documentary, environmental, and wildlife film festivals in addition to being broadcast on local television stations. 

Our Story

The name "Forest Clay" originated as the moniker for Owner/Founder Eddie Roqueta's DIY music project in high school. Growing up in the suburbs of South Florida, Roqueta explored his curiosity for nature trudging through muddy swamps, observing the life around him, and translating his findings into experimental musical compositions. Over the years, Roqueta's expression of the natural world has changed from music to film, but his curiosity for the natural world remains unsatisfied.

In 2012, Eddie Roqueta created Forest Clay Productions as a tribute to the unshakeable curiosity he felt for nature at a young age. The goal for Forest Clay Productions is to share interesting, untold, and diverse stories about nature, wildlife, and people to a global online and broadcast audience using cutting edge cinematography and storytelling practices. 

Edward Roqueta - Founder/Producer/Director

Edward, or Eddie, Roqueta is an Emmy-award winning documentary filmmaker and National Geographic Explorer with an MFA in Science and Natural History Filmmaking from Montana State University.